“The Novel Rope Massage”, patented by Rekha Chaudhari SPA expert). She is the first lady in India to patent her therapies in SPA and wellness industry. Voted the “Most Innovative Spa Treatment 2010” by Asia Spa Award 2011.

Understanding the anatomy of the body and their physiological functions, Rekha Chaudhari (SPA expert) has designed new techniques and development to give a revival or modern look to this massage and calling it “The Novel Rope Massage”.

The Rope massage is slowly gaining its place in the world of massage.
As in the olden days, the practice of making the little ones walk over the body of an adult was quite common in India. This technique not only provided relaxation to the tired muscles but was also fun for the doer.

Today, when given a thought to it, that technique was nothing but removal of congested fluid in the muscles due to routine and stressed life, relaxing and toning of the muscles.

One can find this massage being practice in certain places where the practitioner walk, sweep her feet, press and release pressure over the client’s body with the help and support of the one straight rope tied to 2 opposite poles.
Rekha Chaudhari (SPA expert) have identified that in this method balancing practitioner’s weight and pressure over the different part of the body of a person lied become little uncontrollable.

She studied and thought of designing her own equipment and techniques making this massage more effective, tolerable and fun. This equipment had 2 lines of rope attached parallel to the opposite poles where the practitioner can hold both the rope at the same time and can modulate his own body weight to get adjusted with the pressure require by the client’s body and desired without losing his or her balance.

The technique will utilize the sole and the balls of the foot depending on the part, area and the muscles of the body. The stroke will be mainly of effleurage in nature i.e. sweeping and long stroking directing towards the heart and lymph nodes. Also compression and releasing movement, walking and vibration through foot can be included in this massage.

The equipment is portable as it is detachable. So this technique of massage can be carried out in space, close to the nature, not restricting to the close rooms of SPAs. The rope fixed are colored in different shades and have small bells fixed to the rope. The sound of the bells will distract all the negative thoughts making the client’s mind focus on the massage and relaxation. These sounds also have soothing effect on the mind.

Besides, this technique is also beneficial to the practitioner as one doesn’t have to exert himself or herself over the manipulation of various movements to get the desired results and it also fun listening to the natural chiming of the bells. This massage starts with slight stretching and loosening of the muscles of client’s body.

The whole body of the clients is exfoliated by Remy Laure’s Body Exfoliating scrub. Either client is asked to take shower or the involved area of the body is wiped and cleaned by warm wet towel.

Client is asked to lie facing up. Before the client lie, a series of hot stones are lined up as per the placement of chakras.

An essential oil based massage medium is applied.
The massage starts with the long sweeping movement or strokes gradually moving from one part to another. Balancing and regulating the acquired pressure and weight, the strokes are sweeping, deep or superficial.
Main Contra Indication :
Asthma massage
High Blood pressure
Old people
Recent fracture or surgery.
Cancer or AIDS
Benefits :
Improved blood circulation
Removal of waste or congested fluids
Relief to the tired muscles
Refreshing to the mind (done in open space or nature)
Should not be done on children.
Not immediately after any meal.

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