Ongoing Training
Our patrons are provided an in-depth technical knowledge of all our products and concepts. We provide ongoing refresher training for our clients who avail our tie-up product arrangement as and when needed.
Marketing Tools
Our patrons are provided with all the raw materials for front desk staff to support retail sell through. To feel the authenticity of our products, our product samples will give them visual appeal, the feel of its texture, its fragrance and finally the results after application.
Network Support
Our widespread team across the country channels the network support between our end to end consumers. Our sales and training managers ensure that our client’s needs are taken care of.
We offer the highest quality cosmetics technology teamed with everything you’ll need to make your job easier. We provide:
Individual attention and personalized advice.
Samples and merchandising items for the salon.
Personalized uniforms, towels and work tools.
Posters, displays and catalogues.
Advertising, direct marketing and merchandising material.
Training material and technical advice.
After sales service and support.