Article on Ms Rekha Chuadhari in Prahar- July 2016
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Rekha Chaudhari at Viva Lounge

Loksatta, Viva Lounge invitation
"Unraveling the Journey of Rekha Chaudhari"

Date & Time : Wednesday 16 March ,2016 @ 4:45 PM
Venue: Sva. Savarkar Smarak Sabhagruha, Shivaji Park, Dadar
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Sakal Urja

Article on Ms Rekha Chuadhari in Sakal Urja- Feb 2016
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Global Wellness Day

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Upcoming Events of JCKRC 2015

1. Beauty & Salon 2015
International level exhibition on Beauty and Salon
Date : 21 & 22 September 2015 Time:10am to 7 pm
Place: Gujarat University Exhibition Centre
          Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India)
2. Professional Beauty, Mumbai
Date : 5-6 October 2015
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AsiaSpa Award - 2014

Mrs. Rekha Chaudhari
Managing Director of JCKRC Spa Destination Pvt. Ltd.
Receiving the AsiaSpa Award 2014 for Remy Laure - France as the best product (Global) for the fifth time in last six years.
Stylespeak Magazine Sept - 2015
For 40 years, PHYTOMER research team has been discovering the most effective marine ingredients and inventing the skin care of tomorrow. Its laboratory is one of the only in the world that perfectly masters marine biotechnology to produce unprecedented natural ingredients with record effectiveness. View more >>
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Drawing inspiration from the wonders of the sea is the Souffle Marin Energizing oxygenating Serum. Formulated using key marine-based ingredients, this serum routralizes pollutants, restores oxygen, protects skin from daily aggressions and fortifies skin. Fresh and light, this product is ideal for adding the back into dull, lackluster skin.
LCN Hand & Foot Spa :
LCN one of the top nail brands in the world, brings a relaxing mani pedi kit using the Bali Relax range.
India and PHYTOMER
India in the past few years has seen an evolving market in the spa industry. JCKRC is one of the distributors of Phytomer Antoine says,' ,We are satisfied with our distributors Definitely we have plans to grow our reach. We also have collaboration with Jean Claude Beguine and will follow it up soon with an expansion We have partnered with Kaya Clinics and soon we will reach out to urban spas and spa destinations,, 'He further prophesizes that he sees India as one of the biggest markets in the world in the next 20 years in the spa. View more >>
Healthy India
  • It is essential to figure out what the client is looking for (relaxation, health, leisure, etc.), and to understand whether all these services can be offered under a specific spa model. (The increasing awareness and the growth of the industry is itself an opportunity, allowing of the industry is itself an opportunity, allowing for the creation of more products, treatments, spa destinations, etc.
  • The single biggest challenge is the shortage of trained manpower.
  • Industry is not working together, which is again a big challenge for the leaders, as it results in grouping of associations.
  • Main problems for the licensing and other big issues still remain unsolved
  • Lack of standards, lack of accredited training institutes, lack of accredited spas, lack of nuiformity in traditional treatments, treatments differing, simple therapy like ayurvedic massage is done in different manner in different places, for example- shirodhara is done at any time of the day, where as it is strictly contra indicated in the afternoons.
  • No avenues to address issues and grievances of the industry.
  • Lack of government support in promotion of the industry, except in few cases
  • Lack of awareness in all strata's of the society, shady places working under the name of massage parlour giving a bad name to the profession and industryli>
  • Lack of Government support- Government should develop and promote medical tourism and wellness tourism separately.
  • Stylespeak Magazine November - 2014/
    PHYTOMER has revolutionised traditional consmetics, launching the new generation of professional skin care: more effective, more sensorial and more environmentallly-engaged. View more >>
    The Phytomer White Lumination Spot Correction Brightening Serum advanced research targets dull complexion and dark spots using a trio of unprecedented ingredients: Dictyopteris algae extract with brightening action, Sea Lily extract against dark spots and Vitamin C as a radiance booster. Blended into an ultra-light serum, these ingredients visibly lighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots for even skin that seems to glow from within.
    Phytomer White Lumination. A rich cream mask that contains Vitamin C with marine ingredients like Sea Lily and Dictyopteris algae extracts to restore skin luminosity. The marine ingredients help in reducing dark spots while Oligomer, the star ingredient remineralises the skin to recharge it with energy. View more >>
    PANDHY'S Depilatory Sugar Products are made from 100% natural ingredients and can be applied at body temperature making it safe for all areas. When used as directed, it will never burn your client.s skin because the sugar paste is barely lukewarm. This sigar cam be easo;u c;eamed i[ wotj water-from both the client and the equipment. Sugar Paste can be used over and over, on different parts of the body and is Discarded after each treatment.
    Remy Laure's Purifying Cream. An oil-free and fresh texture which is quickly absorbed without any greasy feeling on the skin. Its formula contains numerous purifying, matifying, hydrating and balancing ingredients to give skin clarity and purity. View more >>
    Stylespeak Magazine October - 2014 View more >>
    JCKRC's newest brand wins beauty award.
    JCKRC's newest brand, Omorovicza won in two categories . Best Skincare category and the brand's Gold Night Drops & Copper Peel won the award for the Best Serum & Exfoliating Product. View more >>
    PHYTOMER delivers to its clients a powerful emotional experience and record performances through the combination of ground-breaking exclusive professional products with avant-garde manual techniques. View more >>
    JCKRC Spa Destination, an Indian spa solutions provider, walked away with two beauty awards at a function held recently. View more >>
    Rekha Chaudhari's Article - Femina June 2014
    Unlike the cosmetic business, the spa industry doesn't simply rely on the effects of the products. What makes all the difference is the way in which these treatments are imparted.
    Spa tourism is a big sector we could look at developing, but because of the lack of defined standards and support from the government, our growth is at a standstill.
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    Style Speak Vol.3 May 2014
    JCKRC Training centre in Navi Mumbai hosted a dynamic training session for Oligodermie recently.
    The national trainers were introduced to new upcoming products and the latest massage techniques by Catherine, International Trainer Oligodermie, while Edouard Gerigne, CEO Oligodermie observed.
    The training also covered beauty and body programs and the attendees received a certificate of completion.    View more >>

    Lotus Mantra - Salon International Apr 2014
    Om Mani Padme Hum, pronounced Ohm Ma-Nee Pod-may Hum is the lotus mantra. It is one of the most popular mantras in Tibet.
    Loosely translated, Om Mani Padme Hum means :- I bow to the jewel withing the lotus.
    Repeating this mantra is believed to purity the mind and body and bring joy and peace to you, and those around you.    View more >>
    Rekha Chaudhari's Article - Salon International June 2013

    Male spas on the rise
    A new kind of spa therapy the rope massage therapy.
    It is a patent of Spa Expert, Rekha Chaudhari who has been a spa consultant to various spas in the country. The therapy works on the lymphatic system drainage and hence, the person undergoing the therapy feels detoxified and relieved of body pain, tiredness and lethargy. There are tiny bells attached to the ropes which make soft and smoothing sounds that help relax the mind of the therapy seeker.    View more >>
    Rekha Chaudhari's Article - Salon International Oct 2013

    Novel rope massage To detoxify and rejuvenate
    We launched the brand to meet the demand from the general consumer because everyone was asking for a male-only brand "Vitaman, an Australian natural grooming range for me, established in 1999, was one of the first skin care brands in the world to care brands in the world to eater exclusively to men. Men have different priorities and requirements as they shave and have a different skin texture. It's important for men to keep their skin in good condition and keep it hydrated.    View more >>

    Article on Rekha Chaudhari - Loksatta Oct 2012

    Rural area Beauty Parlor to International Spa    View more >>

    The Hot Stone Therapy
    The hot stone therapy is unique in its methodology and effective in alleviating stress an fatigue. The basalt and marble stones are natural and original in shapes and not modified. They are handpicked from all over India. Evert spa that offers this therapy has a stone kit that contains 42 Stones, out of which 40 are basalt stones and two are marble stones. All are used for the body and face. The warmth of the stone and their vibration make us feel protected. A stone delivers energy to and extracts negativity from the body.    View more >>

    JCKRC SPA DESTINATION is the proud winner of " Best Spa Product Company" by Big Brand Research Awards 2011

    Dimapur based North East India Academy of Performing Arts (NIAPA) has joined hands with JCKRC Spa Destination Pvt Ltd.

    Mrs. Rekha Chaudhari has been felicitated by "The Maharashtra Udyogini Award" organized by MitCom.

    "The Novel Rope Massage Therapy" is patented by Spa Expert, Mrs. Rekha Chaudhari. It has been awarded as "The Most Innovative Spa Therapy" by ASIA SPA.

    Under the leadership of Mrs. Rekha Chaudhari REMY LAURE has won "The Best Spa Product" by ASIA SPA.